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KIT offers you:

One of the worldwide largest research and teaching institutions

With approximately 9250 employees and an annual budget of approximately 789 million Euros, KIT is one of the world’s largest research and teaching institutions with the potential of taking a worldwide leading position in selected areas of research.


Exciting, interdisciplinary, international work environment

KIT offers you an exciting, interdisciplinary work environment with various research and education options in more than 100 institutes An excellent and worldwide unique scientific infrastructure supported by many administrative and technical service units offfers you outstanding working conditions.


Salary according to the state employees salary scheme TV-L

Salary is according to the Public Sector Collective Agreement on Länder (TV-L).


Further education and training

Systematic staff development, an in-house Center for Advanced Technological and Environmental Training, and numerous other options enable optimum further education and training for present and future tasks.  


Equal opportunities

KIT strives to realize and actively promote equal opportunities for men and women in research and teaching and intends to increase the percentage of women in leading positions and engineering. More information


Work-life balance

To contribute to your work-life balance, the KIT, if possible, provides flexible time programs as well as part-time jobs and home office. In addition, KIT is a family-friendly employer offering day-care centers and summer camps for children.


Introduction for new employees

To acquaint themselves during the first few months with KIT and make first contacts, all new employees are invited to take part in our introductory courses held in German and English.


Diversity management

It is among KIT’s declared objectives to enable equal opportunities for all employees in all areas of research and administration and offer them the possibilities of developing and utilizing their respective skills and qualifications. Diversity management at KIT focuses on equal opportunities for men and women, international affairs, career and family, generation management, and handicapped employees.



KIT’s Campus North and Campus South offer lunch at the ”Kantine“ and the “Mensa”, respectively. Besides, all KIT employees are invited to use the central Library and Medical Services.


Various recreational options

Employees wishing to be active are invited to join one of the various KIT sports groups (Campus South/Campus North, engage in team sports such as soccer or American football or do gymnastics or yoga. Musical employees may choose to join one of the different orchestras and choirs.


Several campuses in and around Karlsruhe

The KIT campuses are located in Karlsruhe and Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen.