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The research results obtained at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology are based on the skills and knowledge of its employees. At KIT, you have the opportunity to participate in industry-oriented research using state-of-the-art equipment or to combine research and teaching within a university structure. In research and teaching, you will find a wide range of exciting tasks in more than 100 scientific institutes In addition, you may choose from numerous offers made to network, promote, and support the scientific staff (e.g., Young Investigators Network general overview of funding tools. In addition to these offers, special courses organized by the Staff Development Service Unit and the Center for Advanced Technological and Environmental Training assist researchers in their personal further education.

The varied, interdisciplinary tasks awaiting you are complex and demand a high level of interest in science and research and outstanding commitment. We expect you to have an excellent university qualification, think innovatively, be prepared to network, and work cross-sectionally and scientifically.

Vacancies for Academic Staff

Vacancies for PhD students