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Living in Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe - Fächerstadt


Karlsruhe – Fan-shaped City in a Scenic Area

With approximately 280,000 inhabitants, the city of Karlsruhe is the center of the TechnologyRegion and the Landkreis Karlsruhe. Being one of Germany’s cities with the warmest climate, it is located in a scenic area, where the Black Forest “starts” and which is within a stone’s throw of Alsace. Karlsruhe is the seat of the Federal Constitutional Court and the Federal Court of Justice of Germany and is therefore also known as “Residence of the Law”. 

Education and Research in Karlsruhe

Education and research have a long tradition in Karlsruhe. Universität Karlsruhe was founded in 1825 as a polytechnical school and was turned into the “Technische Hochschule” in 1865. It was there where in 1886, Heinrich Hertz proved the existence of electromagnetic waves. In 1984, Germany’s first emails were sent and received by the computing center of Universität Karlsruhe. Besides the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, there are further universities e.g., the university of applied sciences Hochschule Karlsruhe – Technik und Wirtschaft, the Baden-Württemberg cooperative state university Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Karlsruhe, and the university of education Pädagogische Hochschule.

Leisure Time and Culture in Karlsruhe

Besides a large variety of cultural activities and offerings mainly by theaters and museums Karlsruhe has a lively live club scene and is host to one of Germany’s largest open air festivals Das Fest once a year. Both in the city and its surroundings, you will find numerous sports clubs for e.g., soccer, basketball, and rugby as well as opportunities for hiking, biking, swimming or skiing, to name but a few activities. Whereas, once a year, the city of Karlsruhe hosts the public fun run Badische Meile and the Baden-Marathon the Landkreis Karlsruhe organizes the Kraichgau-Triathlon Germany’s biggest theme park, the Europapark, which is very popular and famous among national and international visitors, is only approximately 100 km away from Karlsruhe. 

Telephonic Services for Citizens

Please do not hesitate to dial “115” to contact  the telephonic services for citizens (“Bürgerdienste“) if you have any questions concerning the Karlsruhe citizen’s advise bureaus (“Bürgerbüros“) or if you should need general information  on the Karlsruhe city administration and the tasks of the Karlsruhe District office.