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Felicitas Thönnessen (M.A.)

Beauftragte für Dual Career
- Leitung der Servicestelle -

Präsidialstab-Berufungsverfahren (PST-BV)

Tel.: 0721-608 45322
Fax: 0721-608 45324
E-Mail: felicitas thoennessenMdl5∂kit edu


Dual Career Service

Dual Career


The Dual Career Service gives comprehensive advice and support to professors or senior scientists who have just moved to Karlsruhe to work at KIT:

  • Search for suitable career and contact options for yourself and your partner in Karlsruhe and the surrounding areas
  • Assistance in contacting academic and non-academic employers
  • Advice on suitable day-care centers and schools in Karlsruhe and the surrounding areas
  • Information on the regional housing market
  • General information on the Karlsruhe area

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