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En Technon 03-2022 Master and Bachelor Thesis in Digital Health: Product Development Methods, AI Applications, Innovations in Health Startups

Organizational unit

Institute for Entrepreneurship, Technology Management, and Innovation (ENTECHNON)

Job description

The digitalization in the healthcare sector is in full swing. More and more digital health products are developed worldwide. Through different initiatives and laws, Germany is today one of the first countries where digital health products can be prescribed by doctors. They are even paid for by health insurance companies.

However, entrepreneurs face a variety of challenges as the health industry is highly regulated. Topics of research interest are currently methods to support the successful development of medical products, the role of AI in the digital health sector, reasons for the failure of health startups and sources of innovative ideas for health products.

If you are interested in helping to make use of the full potential of digital health solutions that can improve patient life quality, we offer several interesting bachelor and master thesis topics at our institute (EnTechnon) at the Karlsruhe Insitute of Technology.

Does that sound interesting or do you have your own ideas in the area of digital health and entrepreneurship? Please contact us.

Starting date

as soon as possible

Personal qualification

  • Interest in digital health and startups
  • Good self-organization and communication skills
  • A self-motivated and reliable way of working

Contract duration

limited for 6 months, canbeextended

Contact person in line-management

For further information, please contact Sascha Weimar, email:

Contact person in line-management

Please send your grade statement, your curriculum vitae and a brief description of your motivation to Sascha Weimar: