Learning is a lifelong process. The KIT Staff Development Service Unit advises and assists you on your way and contributes to developing a learning organization and innovative culture at the KIT.


The Staff Development Service Unit will assist you professionally and flexibly in organizational tasks, team and personnel development processes while considering topical research results. We create an appropriate framework for organization as well as for working and learning processes by


  • advising and coaching of individuals, teams, and institutions,
  • preparing and supporting staff development processes (e.g., appraisal interviews),
  • preparing and organizing customized advanced training and education,
  • finding and arranging qualified consultants and coaches.  

According to your individual requirements and demands, you can choose between different options e.g., seminars, counseling interviews, internships as observer, coaching or mentoring. In addition, we provide different tools and organize e.g., appraisal interviews or succession planning processes.  

We bring you forward


Learning is a lifelong process.
KIT Human Resources Developmentaccompanies and advises you on this path and makes its contribution to building a learning organization and innovative culture at KIT.

Personnel development supports you professionally and flexibly at the organizational, team, and employee development levels, taking into account current research results. With the following offers, we create a framework for your organizational, working, and learning processes:

  • Consulting and coaching of individuals, teams and institutions
  • Conception and support of PE processes (e.g. employee appraisals)
  • Conception and organisation of tailor-made further education offers
  • Procurement of competent speakers and coaches

Different formats, such as seminars, counselling interviews, job shadowing, coaching or mentoring are available. These are used on a needs-oriented and individual basis. In addition, personnel development at KIT has established various instruments, such as staff appraisals or succession planning.