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Stellenausschreibung Nr. HIU 01-19

HIU 01-19 Master Thesis: Environmental Assessment of emerging Battery Systems


HIU and ITAS are offering a joint Masterthesis in the field of life cycle assessment of future batteries:

Existing (li-ion) batteries are characterised by high performance, but sig-nificant resource demand and environmental impacts from their produc-tion, limited recyclability and safety concerns. In order to overcome these limitations, new battery concepts are being investigated. A recent development within this field are seawater batteries, which are currently being investigated and scaled up on pre-commercial level for stationary storage applications. These batteries claim to use abundantly available materials, and to be safe, environmentally friendly and cheap. However, little is known about their actual environmental impacts once produced and used on industrial scale. Within the proposed Master thesis, the envi-ronmental impacts of this emerging battery system shall be assessed based on existing literature, assuming an industrial scale system.

In particular, the work comprises the following tasks:

  • Review of existing scientific literature on rechargeable seawater batteries
  • Recompilation of technical parameters, mass balances and process descriptions
  • Theoretical upscaling of laboratory and pilot processes to industrial scale
  • Creation of a process model of the battery manufacturing and operation and of detailed life cycle inventories for these
  • Implementation of the battery manufacturing and operation processes in openLCA and quantification of potential life cycle environmental impacts and benefits of a hypothetical seawater battery

Persönliche Qualifikation

Good technical understanding, background in chemical engineering, pro-cess technologies and / or system analysis. Skilled in MS- Office (Excel and Word), very good English. First experience with LCA tools or cost-benefit analyses are beneficial. Organised and reliable, working inde-pendently and self-motivated. Good communicational skills are an asset.    

Institut für Technikfolgenabschätzung und Systemanalyse (ITAS), Helmholtz Institut Ulm für elektrochemische Energiespeicher (HIU).

Karlstraße 11, 76133 Karlsruhe

https://www.itas.kit.edu/; http://www.hiu-batteries.de 

Contract duration                 6 months

Starting date                         (as soon as possible)

Working Place:                     KIT- ITAS: Karlstrasse 11, 76133 Karlsruhe (Europaplatz)


Helmholtz-Institut Ulm für Elektrochemische Energiespeicherung (HIU)


nach Vereinbarung

Contact person                    Dr. Jens Peters (HIU), phone: +49-721-608-28177; j.peters@kit.edu



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