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IMT 29-2022 Bachelor or Master Thesis: Evaluate flow behavior in von Karman vortex street by magnetic resonance velocimetry


Institut für Mikrostrukturtechnik (IMT)


Oscillating vortices are generated when fluid flows past a bluff body and are known as Von Karman vortex street. The bluff body leads to alternating low-pressure areas, which cause periodic crosswind forces. The crosswind forces can be highly undesirable since they cause vibration, but they can be employed to design vortex flow meters. Therefore, it is very beneficial to evaluate flow behavior in Von Karman vortex street in order to address the adverse effects of vibration as well as to improve the performance of vortex flow meters.

Furthermore, magnetic resonance velocimetry is one the best methods to obtain a 3-dimensional 3-component velocity map due to three main advantages. First, it is a completely noninvasive method. Second, there is no necessity to have optical access to the sample. Finally, one does not need to add any tracing particle to sample to measure the velocity.

Aforementioned reasons led to the idea of evaluating flow behavior in Von Karman vortex street by magnetic resonance velocimetry. The selected applicant is supposed to make the samples based on the design of Von Karman vortex street and perform MRV experiments to assess flow behavior. Having knowledge in fluid mechanics and MRI is a plus, but there will be some training hours especially to get to know how to perform experiments with MRI machine.


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Persönliche Qualifikation

  • Master student in Mechanical engineering
  • knowledge in MRI field is a plus
  • Motivated and work independently
  • Fluent English

Contract duration

6 Months

Contact person in line-management

For further information, please contact Mehrdad Alinaghian Jouzdani, phone +49 721 608-29307, E-Mail:

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