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IPE 04-2022 Master Thesis or Internship Understanding Apache Kafka Performance under Stressing Scientific Loads in Cloud Computing Environments


Institut für Prozessdatenverarbeitung und Elektronik (IPE)


Apache Kafka is an event streaming framework for distributed systems. It can manage the flow of thousands of events in fault-tolerant highly-available and scalable clusters. The events can be messages produced in some web applications, or even events produced by sensors in an industrial control system of a large-scale scientific experiment like KATRIN. Kafka is resourceful in events processing, it provides easy integrations with event stream processing platforms, e.g. Apache Flink, and data analytics platforms, e.g. Apache Spark, as well as an API called Kafka Connect to provide easy interoperability with all event producers and consumers.

Apache Kafka is an I/O-intensive application that relies on disk storage and advanced networking techniques to achieve high throughput and low latency. However, deploying Kafka in cloud computing environments has an impact on its performance because of the added I/O abstraction layers. In this master's thesis, the student is expected to plan and evaluate a high-performance event streaming system architecture based on Apache Kafka in a Kubernetes cloud computing environment for the KATRIN control system. The platform should be able to extract events from sensors, then to load them to the Kafka message broker, and to collect and monitor operational statistics of the running cluster.


April 2022

Persönliche Qualifikation

  • Excellent skills in Distributed Systems and Java programming.
  • Very good understanding of Operating Systems and Computer Networks.

Contract duration

6 Months

Contact person in line-management

For further information, please contact Jalal Mostafa, phone +49 721 608-25630, email: or Suren Chilingaryan, phone +49 721 608-26579, email:

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Ausschreibungsnummer: IPE 04-2022

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