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IMT 02-2022 Master Thesis: Design and development of an MR compatible optical microscope


Institut für Mikrostrukturtechnik (IMT)


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive imaging technology that uses the phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance to produce anatomical images. Magnetic Resonance Microscopy (MRM) is essentially MRI at a microscopic level with spatial resolution in the order of microns. The spatial resolution obtained using MRM is still not comparable to that of optical microscopy. One way to address this problem is to use a multimodal approach where both MRM and optical microscopy is used together to get complementary information. This can be achieved by developing an integrated optical microscopy setup with an MR scanner. An initial setup has already been developed [1]. The goal of this project is to design, develop and characterize an MR compatible optical microscope with an 11.7T MR scanner.


as soon as possible

Persönliche Qualifikation

  • Currently pursuing Master degree in Mechanical Engineering or related discipline with prior experience in CAD modelling, fabrication or additive manufacturing
  • Knowledge of geometrical optics is a plus
  • Motivated and work independently
  • Speaks English or German

Contract duration

6 to 9 months

Contact person in line-management

For further information, please contact Ajmal Chenakkara Jamal, phone +49 721 608-29309, e-mail:

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Ausschreibungsnummer: IMT 02-2022

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