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IMT 34-21 Bachelor or Master Thesis: Further development of a vibration table for small masses


Institut für Mikrostrukturtechnik (IMT)


As a part of the energy transition to renewables, photovoltaics will deliver a big contribution to global energy production in the foreseeable future. Thus the Institute of Microstructure Technology is currently developing novel coatings for photovoltaic panels for the use in sunny but extremely dry climates. These coatings enable dry (i.e. without water) self-cleaning of sand and dust particles for the panels thereby increasing overall efficiency. To test, compare and optimize the coatings a system for inducing small vibrations in an exact manner is needed.

The system needs to be able to induce vibrations in a broad frequency and amplitude range independently. Furthermore observability with light microscopes and an overall compact design are important requirements.

The aim of this thesis is the further development such a system. This includes installation, analysis and optimization of the existing system, design of the experimental setup for testing of dry self-cleaning, first measurements as well as creating an automatic test evaluation for future use.

This thesis can be written in German or English language.


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Field of study: mechanical engineering, process technology, etc.

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6 months

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