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IMT 24-2023 Bachelor- / Master Thesis: Thermal Training Optimization of Shape Memory Folding Actuators


Institut für Mikrostrukturtechnik (IMT)

Ihre Aufgaben

As part of the DFG KOMMMA program, the SMD group at IMT is conducting research on novel concepts of origami-inspired cooperating foldable shape memory alloy (SMA) microactuators called "Re-Programmable Micro-Matter". Thus, complex, and adaptive 3D microstructures can be folded to enable promising future applications in minimal-invasive surgery, micro-assembly, and micro-robotics.

Thermal heat treatment with precise heating current and accurate mechanical clamping is required to set the desired shape of the folding microactuators. Thereby, the annealing power depends strongly on the geometric dimensions and stress state of the folding hinges. As the complexity of the structures increases, a flexible electrical and mechanical setup is required for the controlled training of the individual folding actuators.

Experiments have shown that the change in electrical resistance of the SMA can provide information about the transformation processes in the material. For the shape-setting of SMA actuators, they must be heated to the region of crystallization of the amorphous material or recrystallization of a pre-annealed material so that a new memory shape is imprinted.

This work will contain the design and fabrication of a training test bench for the controlled heat treatment of pre-annealed and amorphous SMA folding actuators. Here, the resistance is to be measured in real-time via a 4-point measurement and the supplied current is to be controlled according to the resistance variation.

The student thesis can be written in German or English.


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Ihre Qualifikation

  • Field of study: Mechanical Engineering, Material Science, Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering, or similar
  • Knowledge in actuator technology, measurement technology, MATLAB, and CAD is beneficial
  • Good team spirit, capable of independent self-motivated work

Contract duration

3-6 months

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For further information, please contact Vincent Gottwald, phone +49 721 608-22767, e-mail:

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