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IPE 01-2023 Master Thesis or Internship: Designing a Benchmark for Time-Series Databases in Big Data Environments


Institut für Prozessdatenverarbeitung und Elektronik (IPE)

Ihre Aufgaben

Time-series applications are continuously growing in big data environments like large-scale scientific experiments, Internet of Things (IoT), IT infrastructure, finance and health technologies. Different time-series databases relying on different storage engine have been developed. To understand their performance characteristics, we have developed SciTS, a benchmark for time-series databases in large-scale scientific experiments and Industrial Internet of Things.

The continuous evolution of time-series databases challenges the design and the architecture of SciTS. In a collaboration with Clapsode, a startup supported by the “Microsoft for Startups” program, we aim to extend the design of SciTS to support evaluating the new time-series databases. The student is expected to contribute to and extend the design of SciTS by taking Clapsode’s Data Layer TS database and other emerging database technologies as a use-case. He/She (f/m/d) will adapt SciTS architecture to enable efficient utilization of all features provided by new database technologies. The main goal is to extend SciTS API and its parametrization to be able to fairly compare a wide range of databases in applications for scientific instrumentation and industrial IoT systems.

You will contribute to a top-notch research project with the opportunity to publish in top conferences. Your results will part of an open-source project and will directly contribute to a new data management system developed for KArlsruhe TRItium Neutrino (KATRIN) experiment and will build a ground for next generation of data management systems for large scale scientific experiments


as soon as possible

Ihre Qualifikation

Required Skills:

  • Very good understanding of the relational and NoSQL database technologies.
  • Good programming skills and preferably prior experience in C#

Contract duration

6 months

Contact person in line-management

For further information, please contact Arnim Schinz, email: or Jalal Mostafa, email: or Suren Chilingaryan, email:

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Ausschreibungsnummer: IPE 01-2023

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