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Vacancy No. IMT 08-19

IMT 08-19 Master Thesis: Synthesis and Characterisation of Upconverting Inorganic Phosphors via Hydrothermal Method

Job description

Luminescent materials have always attracted considerable attention due not only to their current range of applications but also to their wide potential in the fields of optical devices and biomedicine. Most luminescent materials exhibit a Stokes shifted or downshifted emission with the emitted photons having lower energy than the absorbed ones. Only few materials possess the ability to generate anti-Stokes shifted or upconversion photoluminescence. In these cases, the emitted photons have higher energy than those used for excitation. Upconversion materials have gained more increasing attention due to their potential application in many areas, including fluorescent markers, plastic recycling, thermometry, 3D displays, bioimaging, and the harvesting of sunlight.

The “Nanophotonics for Energy” division was established at KIT 2014 within the Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT) and the Light Technology Institute (LTI). We have access to all of the state-of-the art research facilities within the National Research Centre of the Helmholtz Association.

We are currently looking for a Master student to expand our R&D capabilities within the areas of spectral conversion and optical spectroscopy. This research would be conducted within the framework of a very close collaboration with a German industry partner and working as part of a small team on this technology transfer project.

This project covers encompasses:

  • Synthesis of lanthanide doped oxides via hydrothermal process;
  • Exploring a wide range of dopant ions and concentrations;
  • Characterisation of material quality (XRD, SEM, DLS, Raman, FTIR, XPS, etc.) as well as investigation of material stability and some optical measurements.

Further information on the Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT): https://www.imt.kit.edu/

Personal qualification

Interest in synthesizing and characterizing nanomaterials; Keen to gain experience working with German industrial R&D partners; Not afraid of getting your hands “dirty” in the lab J

Field of study: Chemistry/Physics

Organizational unit

Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT)

Starting date

as soon as possible

Contract Duration:              

6 months

Contact person:      

Dr. Andrey Turshatov, IMT,
+49 721 608-28398 (e-mail: andrey.turshatov@kit.edu


Please apply online using the button below for this vacancy number IMT 08-19.
Personnel Support is provided by

Ms Schaber
Telefon: +49 721 608-25184,

Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1, 76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany

If qualified, severely disabled persons will be preferred.


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