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Vacancy No. IMT 04-19

IMT 04-19 Master Thesis: Active Nanophotonic Devices using Shape Memory Thin Films

Job description

Nanophotonics is an exciting and very dynamic field of active research. Whereas in the past the focus was on the production of entirely passive structures, current research concentrates, among others, on the development of active photonic devices. These are, for example, optical switches or tunable filters that can actively influence the optical properties of light.

The Institute for Microstructure Technology (IMT) develops micro- and nano-actuators for optical and biomedical applications by using novel smart materials. This class of materials includes shape memory alloys (SMA), which exhibit multifunctional properties and pronounced effects including shape memory effect and superelasticity. This enables the development of novel components for actuator and sensor applications.

The aim of this master thesis is to learn all process steps that are needed to fabricate a nanophotonic switch and to further optimize it. Based on this, new components are to be simulated, fabricated and characterized. This includes the following subtasks:

FEM simulation of photonic elements

Design and optimization of layouts

Fabrication of devices by means of relevant semiconductor process techniques (such as reactive ion etching (RIE), electron beam lithography (e-beam))

Optical characterization of the fabricated devices

Further information on the Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT): www.imt.kit.edu

Personal qualification

We are looking for ambitious, creative and self-motivated individuals who like to work within a multidisciplinary and international team. Basic knowledge in optics and/or micro-/nanotechnology is desirable; knowledge of MATLAB, Python and FEM is advantageous.

Field of study: Physics, Optics and Photonics, Mechanical Engineering

Contract Duration: 6 - 12 month

Organizational unit

Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT)

Starting date

as soon as possible

Contact person:                  

M.Sc. Sanaz Rastjoo, IMT,
phone: +49 721/608-22759 (e-mail: sanaz.rastjoo@kit.edu)
Prof. Dr. Manfred Kohl, IMT,
phone: +49 721 608-22798 (e-mail: manfred.kohl@kit.edu)


Please apply online using the button below for this vacancy number IMT 04-19.
Personnel Support is provided by

Ms Schaber
Telefon: +49 721 608-25184,

Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1, 76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany

If qualified, severely disabled persons will be preferred.


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