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Vacancy No. IFG 01-20

IFG 01-20 Internship/Bachelor Thesis: Developing redox active capacitive electrodes for heavy metal removal by the help of an electrosorption process

Job description

Materials with electrically switchable properties for water purification and environmental remediation have received increasing attention within recent years. Due to their modularity and the absence of a chemical regeneration step, electro-absorption-based processes offer the potential for selective separation of ionic substances such as organic acids or heavy metals. Recently, redox-active materials have proven to be a promising platform for such separations. However, the capacity and long-term stability of such electrodes still have to be improved before they will be suitable for industrial applications.


We are seeking a student to work on a project about developing new redox active capacitive electrode for heavy metal electrosorption process. The student will implement laboratory experiments for developing electrode and perform electrochemical characterizations as well as separation experiments. This project will require a basic understanding of electrochemistry and carbon electrodes.

Personal qualification

Interested applicants should be in the fields of Chemistry, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering, or a related discipline. Basic knowledge in working in the chemistry/material laboratory, and speaking English is requirement.

Organizational unit

Institute of Functional Interfaces (IFG)

Starting date

as soon as possible

Contract Duration

limited to 4-6 months accordning study regulations

Contact person

Prof. Dilek Duranoğlu,
Institute for Functional Interfaces
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


Please apply online using the button below for this vacancy number IFG 01-20.
Personnel Support is provided by

Ms Schaber
Telefon: +49 721 608-25184,

Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1, 76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany

If qualified, severely disabled persons will be preferred.


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